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Welcome to our PTA information page.

Welcome to our PTA information page. 1


Our annual Teddy Bear Read In will take place on Thursday 11th October at 6.30pm-7.30pm. All children come to school dressed in their pjs with a teddy and in their year groups they will listen to some stories and have a drink and a small snack before going home to bed.


At Bangor Central Integrated Primary School we have a fantastic PTA who raise invaluable funds for our school and to benefit our children.

Last year PTA funds went towards purchasing 13 iPads for our Special Educational Needs department.  Drywipe boards were purchased for foundation and Key Stage 1 as well as storage units for Outdoor Play equipment. The PTA also purchased a new mobile sound system for the assembly hall which is used during our annual production.


This year so far the PTA have supported the Year 5 Accelerated Reader Scheme by providing resources.

Every year the PTA hold a Teddy Bear Read In where children can come  to school in their pjs with a teddy and have stories read to them by teachers and members of the PTA. The children pay £1 and have some milk or water and a biscuit before going home.

This year the read in raised £351.35.

The PTA organised a non uniform day with children bringing £1 donation which raised £445.60.
Thursday 23rd November is Family Photo night where the PTA have arranged with Cool Photography to have a photo shoot for families. This is a timetabled event with families given allocated time slots lasting 5 minutes each.

PTA Christmas Disco

The PTA have organised discos for each key stage in our school assembly hall.

6 th December 6.30-8 pm will be a disco for Year 6 and 7.

7th December 1-2pm will be for Year 1 

                         2-3pm will be for Year 2 and 3

                         3-4pm will be for Year 4 and 5


In January and February we will be filling 5 litre water bottles with small change as part of our PTA fund raiser event called Small Change Big Difference. The winning class gets a treat. So dig deep.


in February we will also be having a Fun and Fitness day

Our school Sponsored Bounce will be held on 19th April.




As an end of year treat the PTA organise for Aldo the Magician to come into school for Foundation and Key Stage 1 and 2 then a disco for Year 7. This is a thank you to the children , teachers and staff and the parents for all the support given to the PTA and the school throughout the year.
Every year our school hosts a fabulous Summer Fair. Please bring your children, friends, neighbours along on 15th June 2018.

On 22nd June 2018 the PTA will present the Year 7 Buddies with their medals and trophies during the Buddy Assembly.