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Admissions Criteria & Application Information

Admissions Criteria


We have 87 places in our Year 1 classes which have children from all across Bangor and from a wide range of nurseries and playgroups. 


In order to choose who gets a place we apply the following criteria:























In the event of over-subscription, in any of the above criteria, preference will be given to children whose normal place of residence is closest to the school, as measured in a straight line from the school to their home using postcodes. Distances will be determined on the basis of measurements using online measurement tool.


As an integrated school we apply the criteria to each of the following groups as we aspire to have a balance of 

  • 40%  from the Protestant tradition, 

  • 40% from the Catholic tradition and 

  • 20% from other traditions / non-religious backgrounds.


Application Information


Applications for Year 1 places are made via the Education Authority's online portal. More information can be found in the images and video below.





Applying for Year 1

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