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This week would have been our Edinburgh trip. As we can't take you to Edinburgh, we have done our best to bring Edinburgh to you. Below are some activities related to this wonderful city, pick and choose what you would like to do, some will require a printer. There are websites for the places we would have been, most of whom have provided virtual tours/activities due to their temporary closures, and some Youtube videos. There are lots of Edinburgh clips on Youtube so explore the ones that are of interest to you. For anyone who enjoys a jigsaw puzzle, have a look at twinkl go (link below) click sign in and input this code, JM 3042, how many tourist attractions did you recognise!? Not as good as being there we know but hope you enjoy it!

Places we visit...

Edinburgh Castle - One o'clock Gun

Carried out with military precision and historical accuracy, the One o'clock Gun at Edinburgh castle is a time honoured tradition and must do for all visitor...

Glasgow science centre: The soap and pepper demo

It's the highly requested soap and pepper demonstration today for #GSCAtHome with a look at the surface tension of water and some of water's unusual properti...

Camera Obscura & World of Illusions Museum. Edinburgh.