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We are so fortunate in Bangor Central Integrated Primary School to have an amazing PTA. Our PTA are committed to fundraising for our school by organising events such as our annual 'Teddy Bear Read In', a Winter Disco, the Sponsored Bounce and our Summer Fair - to name but a few! These events are always lots of fun for all involved, adults and children alike. Funds raised are invested directly into our school and benefit all of our children. Most recently our PTA have purchased twenty-one state-of-the-art Promethean ActivPanels, meaning that every class in the school has one of these amazing devices! They have also raised money to purchase class iPads, Accelerated Reader books and kits for our sporting teams.



Our Promethean ActivPanels in action with some of our Year 3 children.





Bangor Central's PTA are also an important example of how we value our partnership with parents, carers and families in school. They provide support to parents, keeping them updated on school events via our PTA WhatsApp groups and offering refreshments at school events such as parent workshops. This fantastic group are headed up by a dedicated core team. Read on to find out a little bit more about them...


Stéphanie Brown - Chairperson


After contributing to the ethos of collaboration between parents and Bangor Central Integrated P.S by helping previous PTA committees, I have been elected as chair in June 2018. I believe in promoting the diversity of the wider community represented in the school. Being French, I understand the challenges of integration and hope the PTA events for the academic year will reflect the importance of inclusive values in integrated education.


Jenny Kirkwood - Joint Secretary


Coming from an integrated school myself (albeit a few years ago...) I am keen to promote the same ethos for my children and in my local community. I am also keen to support the inclusive values of the school, and the partnership between parents and teachers.




Aine McGreeghan - Joint Treasurer


I have been a parent with the school for almost 10 years now and thought it was time to do my part for the PTA. I have always supported from the sidelines and with the nature of my full time job, I cannot often give up time to help at events. The treasurer's role however can be done “offline” for the best part, which suits me well.



Yvonne Cooper - Joint Secretary


Through the usual roles of the PTA, such as organising fun events and fundraising, I hope to help enrich and constantly improve our children's experiences in school. If you spot me in the playground or about the school, feel free to say, "Hi!". I am always happy to chat and answer any questions about PTA events and any work we are doing.


Teacher Representatives

Mr Galvin

Mrs Stevenson

Mrs McMullan

Mrs Dowie

Mrs Elliott


PTA UniCycle Shop


Our PTA also run UniCycle, a school uniform shop for pre-loved school uniform at very reasonable prices. A pop-up shop usually runs once a month and will be back up and running once Covid-19 guidance allows. 


School coats are £2 each and all other uniform items are £1 each. We currently have a few non uniform winter coats at £5 each. If you wish to donate old uniform items you can hand them into school reception or drop them to us when the shop is open.


If any parent would like to help with running the shop, sorting stock etc, we would be very grateful for any assistance. Get in touch with a member of the PTA or let your class rep know. 

PTA Roles and Responsibilities