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Year 5 McCorry/Millar

We began our topic by looking at ourselves as individuals, our hobbies/interests, likes and dislikes. We made ‘Me Collages’ to represent these things and to share what makes us wonderfully individual. 


We made shields to express ourselves, designing pictures to represent what is truly important in our lives. It was fun to see what we have in common but equally interesting to learn about our differences.


We explored how to mix and blend the primary colours of red, yellow and blue to make all the colours of the rainbow. Then we worked together to colour an amazing class collage! 


As as we explored the world around us, we learned how to read directions on a map using the compass rose. We created our own using card and drew some outside with chalk! 


We also learned how to work as a team by playing a variety of outdoor games.

Have a look at the pictures below! 





Our Crests

Me Collages

Colour Wheels