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School Council

School Council

Our School Council meet once a month to discuss issues from the pupils' point of view at Bangor Central.
As a school we seek to promote the rights of the pupils and give them a voice to input into school decision making.

Our School Council is made up of 15 pupils - one representative from each class in Years 4 - 6, and 2 in Year 7.

Congratulations to the children who have been chosen by their peers!
Year 4 Lily-Rose Moore, Alexandra Bell, Henry Stevenson

Year 5 Charley Routledge, Ailsa McKenzie, Jamie Flynn

Year 6 Rosa Connolly, Max O'Hagan, Gene Smyth

Year 7 Todd McEvoy, Sophie Pollock, Lewis Robinson, Pop Robinson, Marcus Magowan, Ellie Murray
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The School Council recently chose the charities for the Carol Service collections.  After discussion and debate, they unanimously decided to support two charities, Toilet Twinning and Porridge Project.  They were very keen to raise £540.  £240 for a block of toilets to be built for a school in a developing country and £300 to provide porridge for a school for one month.  The council felt proud of their decision, knowing the difference it will make to the children.