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Have a look at some of these websites below to find out more about Kites and how wonderful they are!! 



Let's Make a Kite! | Science Project for Kids

How to Make a Simple Paper Kite

Make a simple kite in about 2 minutes with this EASY step by step video tutorial!

African map design

Maasai Tribe Art

Tribal Print

African Sunsets

African Sunset Drawing

Draw your own African Sunset - step-by-step tutorial.

How to Make a Rain Stick : Step 1 - How to Use Foil to Make Rain Sticks

Make your own African Rainstick to make your own African music

How to Make a Rain Stick : Step 2 - How to Seal the Ends of a Rain stick

Continue making your African Rainstick

How to Make a Rain Stick : Step 3 - How to Fill a Tube for a Rain stick

Now fill your African Rainstick to make it become functional!