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Our School Council is made up of 15 children. Each class from Year 4-6 has one representative on the council and each Year 7 class has two representatives. We meet to discuss positive changes we could implement to enhance school life here at Bangor Central IPS.  Our council reps gather ideas from holding 'Class Councils', where everyone has a chance to share thoughts and ideas. Our school council debate, discuss and debate a little more until we reach an agreement or outcome! The children always make such a wonderful contributions during our meetings.


Previous School Council groups have made a difference to the school in many ways:


  • Sponsored walk in Castle Park, raising almost £10,000 for our school
  • Helped Mr Campbell make decisions about our new school building.
  • Charity day in June 2017 for Children's Cancer Unit.
  • Joke book compiled for the children to read during treatment.
  • Playground equipment chosen for children to use during lunch.
  • New picnic benches and benches ordered for the playground.
  • Choose charities for the Christmas service collections.

Our school council representatives 2023/24

Previous years with the School Council

School council were privileged to have Connie Egan, MLA, in school to talk to us about her role. We talked about what it was like to be part of a council. Connie taught us the importance of being confident in ourselves and how we should never give up on our dreams. It was a super afternoon, thank you Connie.

Visit to Stormont 2019