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Art and Design

Here at BCIPS we love to get creative! From Year 1 through to Year 7 children have continuous opportunities to explore their creativity and express themselves through a wide variety of artistic tools and techniques. Our skills based approach enables children to become confident in their abilities to draw, sketch, paint, model and make using a range of different media. 


We also understand the value of holistic development gained from art appreciation. In every year group the children get to study at least one artist and their work in great detail, culminating in the production of their own piece inspired by their artist. 


Children also have the chance to take part in a variety of specialist workshops thanks to our wealth of amazing local artistic talent.  In Year 7 the children get the opportunity to learn about important heritage crafts like weaving.


Junior Art Club is a chance for Year 3 children to explore and develop their interest in art further outside of the classroom. Children throughout the whole school are also encouraged to get creative in the design of the school production set, props and school decoration every year. 


Our Year 1 children explore the architectural designs of Fredrick Hundertwasser as well as the colourful work of Kandinsky. They also discover the amazing collages of Henri Matisse as they learn what it means to 'Paint with Scissors.' During their Animals topic the children learn to draw tigers, taking inspiration from the work 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' by Henri Rousseau.