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Year 6

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Year 6 Hope Poems

Year 6 had such a treat on the first day back after half-term with a production from the Lyric Theatre. The play is part of the Primary School Eco-Project that helps to raise awareness of plastic pollution and littering. It tied in so well with everything we learnt in our ECO-Warriors topic at the start of the year.

Viking Brooches. Year 6 made their brooches out of clay, used various items in the classroom to create their detailed design and then painted them in bronze, silver or gold! They are very pleased at how they turned out.

A fantastic outdoor learning lesson today. Year 6 had the task of drawing a Viking Longship, to scale and adding all of the features to it.

This week Year 6 took a trip across to Bangor Museum. We learnt more about the Vikings that came to Ireland, and experienced what it would be like to live as a Viking, through having the opportunity to sit inside a Viking longhouse and see Viking artefacts first hand.

Had a great morning practicing reading and telling the time, and calculating lengths of time, using a TV Guide.

We had a great time taking part in a Birdwatch today. 🦅 We were lucky enough to see not just one, but two Treecreepers. If you look closely at the picture of the tree you might be able to spot it!

Look at our amazing pencil sketches of Vicious Viking Warriors.

Viking shields 🛡

Some practical measuring this morning, making the most of the mild weather!

Year 6 have become ECO WARRIORS!!! We used a green screen app to create photos of ourselves which we feel show the effects of ocean pollution. It is up to us to stop this pollution. We can all do our bit!