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Year 6

 Welcome to our Year 6 page! We have 3 classes in Year 6. Mrs McCorry (Room 8), Mrs McMullan (Room 7), and Mrs Wilson (Room 11). You will find our classes along the top corridor!

 Here you will find more information about Year 6; what we do, how we do it, and, it is also a place where you will be able to find links to help and support you in your learning. We will continue to update the page throughout the term to keep you informed about what we are learning in school. 

Click the link above to find out more about what we learn in Year 6 and how we do it. You will also find out all about the different topics we cover in Year 6. 

Year 6 Photo Gallery

In Year 6, we do lots of interesting activities and challenges, in the classroom, but also through outdoor learning. Take a look at the pictures below of us taking part in the various activities, and challenges.


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As part of our Eco Warriors topic we discussed the problem of plastic pollution. We used a green screen app to highlight this very topical issue.

The year 6 scrapheap challenge did not disappoint. We were blown away by the creativity, originality and work that went into each and every model made. Enjoy having a look at our creations!

We used cereal boxes to calculate the surface area of a cuboid. The best part was definitely getting to eat our cereal after, yum!

The year 6 classrooms are looking really Christmassy, especially when we light out lanterns 🌟

We have been learning how to write instructions. We started off by following game instructions and then we created our own games and wrote instructions for our games. They best part was playing each other’s games! All instructions were fabulous and very easy to follow!

We are so lucky to be able to walk to Bangor Library. All Year 6 classes are getting 3 visits to the library. Today it was Mrs McMullan’s class who went first.

As part of our ‘Systems’ topic, we have been looking at our respiratory system. We made models to show how the different organs of the respiratory system work together to help us breathe.

In literacy we used music to learn about abstract nouns. We listened to some songs from Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Elvis and many more artists and were surprised at just how many songs had abstract nouns in them. We then created abstract noun poems.

‘We Care,’ is the first part of our school motto. On Children In Need day we loved taking part in lots of Pudsey themed activities while wearing Pudsey clothes. There were plenty of spotty clothes about that day 🐻

In Year 6, we take part in the Accelerated Reader scheme. We choose books from our ZPD and then quiz on those books once we have read them. We try to get 100% and achieve our individual targets 🤩📚

Using trundle wheels and metre sticks, we went out to the playground to measure the perimeter of the netball court, the GAMB building, a mobile classroom and the main school building. Because we knew the formula for calculating perimeter of squares and rectangles, this wasn’t as difficult as we first thought!

In Year 6, we love getting down to the hall to take part in PE lessons. Have a look at us in action!

Year 6 took our numeracy lesson outdoors today. We used a birds eye view of our school and searched for missing letters following the coordinates. ‘COORDINATES ARE FUN!’ was the hidden message 🤩

5ft Hole Challenge - Year 6's first class novel of the year is Holes and in the book the main character Stanley Yelnats has to dig a 5ft hole every day. Year 6 were given the challenge of drawing a 5ft hole, using only a piece of string, chalk, a pencil and a 5ft shovel. Have a look at the photos to see how they went about the challenge.