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The Happy News Challenge

💫 Spreading Happy News 💫

It can be quite overwhelming watching or listening to the news at the minute. We are living in a very unique time where the whole world is fighting hard to win the battle over Coronavirus. It dominates our news.  So we thought it might be fun and uplifting to focus on spreading some cheer and focus on some positive news stories to make people smile and celebrate some of the good things that are happening all around us right now.


We would like you to create your own ‘Happy Newspaper’.  You want to make people smile and feel happy. Here are some things you might want to include:

🌟Bright, colourful drawings.

🌟Fun interesting facts.

🌟Some good news stories from your local area. ( maybe someone has raised lots of money for charity or is doing something kind to help your community)

🌟Celebrate a local hero, maybe a key worker or family member.

🌟A positive, feel good message to keep people’s spirits up.


This idea came from a designer called Emily Coxhead who designed her own newspaper,  ‘The Happy News’ to remind people that there is a whole lot of good  and positivity out there in our world. This message couldn’t be more important  than right now.

🌟 Have a look at the bottom of this page 🌟

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We have included some ideas to help you get started including some examples of uplifting stories, some templates for your Happy Newspaper and an example of a completed newspaper. We have also included a link to this week’s Newsround programme which is filled with positive news stories from the UK and around the world.  Feel free to design your own template. You can be as creative as you like with the layout and fonts you use.


When you have completed your newspaper please share it with us via our post on our Facebook page or email it to us at by Tuesday 19th May 2020


We cannot wait to see what you produce! We will then use our website, Facebook and Instagram to spread your happy news around our community and spread some cheer! 😊


Emily Cox’s Template