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Extracurricular Clubs

In Bangor Central we are proud of the wide range of extracurricular activities we offer. Most of these are run by our staff but we also welcome visiting organisations to the school to enhance what we provide.


We add to our extracurricular provision every year, take a look at some of the clubs which have been running over the last few years: Football – this has included separate football clubs for Year 1-3 pupils as well as the football team and a football club. We have also offered Netball Club, Eco Club, Computer Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Fun Runners, Choir, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, iPadClub, Spanish Club, Ju-Jitsu, Homework Club, Film Club, Scripture Union, Coding Club, Steel Band, Science Club, Mindfulness Club, Mini Yoga, Debutots for Year 1-3 and Debukids for Year 4 and 5. Miniversity Creative Learning Club have also previously run their weekly sessions in our computer suite.



Autumn 2021 Extracurricular Activity Update


Check out just some of the activities which have been going on this term!


Coding Club


At Coding Club we have been learning about what coding is and just how much fun it can be!  


In these photos you can see us exploring a great coding resource called ‘Scratch’. We are certain that we have a few future millionaires in the making with such super coding skills already developing!


Book Club


If you love to read, enjoy sharing stories and want to recommend your favourite books, then Book Club is for you! 


This term we are reading the fabu’mouse’ Mona Mousa and trying to solve the mystery of the hidden letters. Each week, one of us will also recommend our favourite book or author to the group. So, grab your bookmarks and join us for juice, biscuits and some sensational stories! 


Eco Club


There is never a dull moment in lunchtime Eco Club. Whether we are patrolling the playground with our litterpickers, digging planters, or finding beautiful bugs, we have many wonderful opportunities to learn in our outdoor environment.







Choir/Music Club


This year choir comprises of children from Year 7 and has evolved into a singing/music club.  It is a non-selective group so any child interested in singing or music may participate.


Each week we begin our session by sharing our ‘song of the week’. We share a piece of music, from any genre, that we have enjoyed listening to throughout the week. We have heard an eclectic mix of music tastes from sea shanties and lyrical ballads to heavy metal! Next, we have a sing-along which has already featured some Christmas tunes! There are lots of opportunities for actions and a little bit of dancing too!


We have been exploring different types of music and are working our way through the BBC Ten Pieces series. We hear about the background of the composer, listen for specific instruments and complete activities which involve performing, conducting and composing our own music.


We have lots more songs to learn and plans to explore composition using the music app GarageBand on iPads. Music Club is a lovely way to end a Monday afternoon and makes a positive and relaxing start to the rest of the week!


Football Club


Our boys' after school football club takes place on Thursday afternoons at Bangor Aurora Leisure Centre. The boys carry out some training drills before finishing each week with their favourite thing, a match.


The team play in numerous indoor and outdoor competitions throughout the year, including the North Down Primary Schools' League and Priory Integrated CUp. Our new kit is worn with pride by the boys who represent the football team.






Outdoor Classroom Club


Outdoor Classroom Club have been embracing the outdoors and come each week equipped for any weather with coats and wellies to stay safe and warm! We complete a different activity each week, ranging from making crafts with natural resources, creating dens in teams and going for walks to explore Castle Park!




Mindfulness Club


Mindfulness Club have been developing their toolkit for coping with challenging times through breathing exercises and guided relaxation and visualisation. 


We enjoy a session of calmness after a busy school day and are learning to switch our minds off to the noise and bustle of life, training ourselves to stay in the present moment. 


We recently picked our favourite essential oils to make our own blend for an aromatherapy roller ball!


Art Club


Art Club's first task this term was to design and decorate our school reindeer as part of a competition run by our local shopping centre, Bloomfields. Shoppers are encouraged to vote for their favourite reindeer by donating - money raised will go to NSPCC and One Great Day.


The children came up with super designs and then picked their favourite bits from each design to create our very joyful 'Rockin' Reindeer'!