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Our pupils have a range of different abilities and interest, beliefs and aspirations. We are dedicated to ensuring that our school is a place where everyone feels welcome and where all pupils can learn. Our learning and teaching approach is very much child-centred. We aspire to maintain high academic standards within an all ability framework.


In our school every voice matter. We consult with parents on school policies and procedures during focus groups. Parents are invited to take part in regular online surveys to give informative feedback. Class meetings allow pupils to voice opinions and share ideas which are then discussed during School Council meetings.


We aim to create and maintain an atmosphere of inclusion, respect, sharing and openness throughout the school. We value all our pupils, respect difference and understand that every child has a unique set of qualities, interests and talents. We treat each child fairly regardless of gender, class, colour or religion. We foster a sense of empathy and awareness by teaching our children about diversity and inclusion.