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Wonderful Me

Wonderful Me


During the first half term of Year 2, we will be exploring ‘Ourselves’ and what makes us special. Some of the questions we will be asking are:

What do you like to do?

What keeps you healthy and safe?

What makes you feel happy/sad/angry?

Parents as Partners:


· As a Take Home Activity, your child will be creating their own Wonderful Me bag.

· Encourage your child to develop a healthy lifestyle.

· Why not encourage your child to try some new healthy foods or to try an exciting new form of exercise!



As part of this topic:

· We discuss what we look like.

· We discuss our similarities and differences.

· We make pictures of ourselves and create puppets.

· We learn how to look after our bodies.


Here are a number of apps you could try at home:

-Blobble Write - for letter and number formation.
-Montessori Rhyme Time - to help your child generate rhyming words.