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Year 3


We have been learning our 'Story of 10'. These two girls had a race on our new Interactive Whiteboard to see who could find all of the answers first! Well done girls!

We investigated how many different possibilities there were to order 4 teddy bears. This was part of our maths problem solving task.

We have been learning how to measure using metres and centimetres. We made Christmas crackers that were 1 metre in length. We estimated and then checked to see how close we were!

Look how many shapes we found around the school on our shape walk!

We are practising our money skills by adding up the correct amount, using the least number of coins.

Topic Time !

During 'Bangor Cares week' we joined in with 'Mindfulness Monday'. We did some mindfulness colouring, went on a nature walk and used the glitter jars to calm our minds.

For our holiday topic, we were lucky to have a pilot and an air hostess visit us. They told us all about their jobs and what it is like to work on an aeroplane. We asked lots of questions and even got to try on some uniforms!

Balloon Stickies - iPad app !
In Year 3 we are loving our 'Chinese New Year' topic! Here we are during Activity Based Learning. We are playing in our Chinese restaurant, building the Great Wall of China, writing out Chinese numbers and creating the animals from The Great Race.
We have begun rehearsing for our Chinese New Year assembly. We won't give too much away just yet!
Our adults can watch our assembly on Friday 31st January at 1pm. We will be in full costume.
We will also be performing at Bangor Academy on Friday 7th February (no adults) and will be leaving school promptly at 9am.