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The Farm

The Farm


For our first summer topic we will be learning all about The Farm.  A farm is a busy place.  Do you know what lives on a farm and who looks after it?  Without farms we would be without many everyday items!  There is a lot of learning to be done at the farm.  Some of the questions we will be asking are:


What lives on a farm?


What jobs need done on a farm?


How does milk get from the cow to our kitchen?


What else do we get from farm animals?


Parents as Partners:


Discuss with your child times when you have seen/visited a farm.  What did you see there?




As part of this topic:

· We will learn all about farm animals.


· We  will visit Streamvale Farm. (11th May)


· We  will feed baby animals.


· We will see where the animals live.


· We will set up a farm shop in our classroom.



Here are a number of apps you could try at home.

- spelling bug - for spelling words.
- abc spelling magic - for spelling CVC words.
- hit the button - for learning the story of 10 and doubles.

-old macdonald – activities on the farm.