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Stay-at-Home Birdwatching Challenge

The Great Stay-at-Home Birdwatching Challenge

This week's home learning challenge is one that every member of your household can it part in. It can be just for fun or you can take part in the competition to see how many birds you can identify from your home or garden. The idea is that each bird species from the poster can be seen in your garden from your home. 

The competition runs until Saturday 11th April at 7pm. To take part simply use the link details below to download the identification poster and the bird sighting recorded form. Email a copy of the list ( or photo of your completed list ) to Keep your eyes peeled. Listen carefully.


If you are planning to do this just for fun you could also send your form to our school gmail account to be added to the website ( or take a photo of your list for Facebook.

Most importantly stay safe, stay at home and take care!