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Our Eco-Team, better known as 'BBFE's'(Best Buds for Environment), is committed to making positive changes within school and the wider community.  The Eco-Schools programme provides an ideal way for forstering environmental awareness in the entire school in a way that links to many curriculum subjects. The primary aim of the Eco-Schools programme is to educate and empower young people to make positive decisions and become change makers for an environmentally sustainable world.


Our Eco-Team can choose from  different Eco-Schools' topics when implementing their Eco-Schools work. 





The 10 Topics

We have chosen to focus on Healthy Living, Transport and Biodiversity.

Our Eco-Team is made up of 12 children from Year 4 - Year 7.

Bird Feeders and Vegetable Picking


Some members of the Eco-Team made bird feeders using a toilet roll, honey, sunflower seeds and string. They had lots of fun making them and hanging them in our eco-garden and behind the mobiles. 


When starting to prepare the large vegetable planters for the the planting of new seeds, the Eco-Team were surprised to find some parsnips and carrots that had been left behind from the last season. They even got to bring some of them home to make soup or have for their dinner.

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