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The Park

🌳The Park🌳


For our second Spring topic we will be learning all about The Park. We have many parks in our country and are lucky to have three very different parks in our town! Parks are a great place to learn about the environment and also have lots of fun! Some of the questions we will be asking are:


What do you find in a park?

What lives in a park?

What activities can you do in a park?


Parents as Partners:


  • Discuss with your child times when you have visited the park, what did you do there?
  • Activities:

  • As part of this topic:

    · We investigate what lives in a park.

    · We will learn about a famous park-keeper, Percy, and what his job involves.

    · We will make our own park animal masks.

    · We will have a discovery walk in Ward Park. We will also get to feed the ducks and play in the play park!
    Here are a number of apps you could try at home.
  • - word families - for practising spellings patterns.
  • - abc spelling magic - for spelling CVC words.
  • - hit the button - for practising the story of 10/doubles/addition