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Literacy Activities

A lion called Christian

Watch the incredible story of 2 guys in 1969 who purchased a lion cub from Harrods London in order to release him back to the wild later on. It's amazing what you animals you could get as a pet years ago.
Have a discussion with an adult at home about what you have just watched. Discuss the relationship that is built up between them over the years and how the lion recognises them after years have passed.

Persuasive Writing 


Why don't you have a go at persuading someone of your opinion on something. 

Use the videos below to find out what Persuasive Writing is and how to do it best. Take your writing in stages, using the video clips as a step-by-step guide. 

You could write a piece of Persuasive writing on whether Animals should be used in the Circus, or whether School Uniform should be worn, or whether Homework should be given.

There are lots of topics you could write about. Have a look at the list below for ideas;


- Should children get pocket money

- Saving the planet

- Are Mobile phones necessary? 

-  Dogs vs Cats 

- Food high in sugar should be banned 

- All children should have an iPad in school

- Weekends should be 3 days long 

Persuasive Writing for Kids: What is It?

What is persuasive writing? What does it mean to persuade or convince someone of my opinion? Who can I persuade? How can I do it?

Persuasive Writing for Kids: Brainstorming Topics

Do you know how to write a persuasive writing piece? The first step is to brainstorm topic ideas!

Persuasive Writing for Kids: Planning & Pre-writing

Have you chosen a topic for your persuasive writing piece? If so, you are ready to make a plan!

Persuasive Writing for Kids: Writing an Introduction

If you have brainstormed topic ideas and made a plan of your reasons, you are ready to write! You can hook your reader by writing a good introduction!

Persuasive Writing for Kids: Writing a Rough Draft and Closing

After writing a great introduction, you can finish your draft! And don't forget to wrap up your writing with a good closing or conclusion.