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The satisfaction of putting the final piece of a puzzle into place is timeless. But did you know, while children are playing with puzzles, there is a range of skills that they are developing.

Puzzles are a great educational tool to enhance and promote cooperative play. As children work together to complete a jigsaw, they will discuss where a piece should go and why, take turns and share and support each together when handling frustration, then sharing the joy of finishing a jigsaw.


Fine Motor Skills

Jigsaws are a fun way to develop and refine their fine motor skills. Children are required to pick up, pinch, grasp pieces and move them around, manipulating them into slots, sorting and fitting them into the correct places. Children who have developed fine motor skills find it easier to write, draw and learn to play instruments.


Problem Solving

Completing a jigsaw, even the simplest of ones sets a single goal to achieve. Children must think and develop strategies on how to approach in achieving this goal. This process involves problem solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions which are valuable throughout their lives.


Cbeebies has an abundance of jigsaws for children to play online, click on the link below


So, dust off those jigsaws and have a go with your child and watch the glow on their face as they complete the puzzle independently. 😀



Jigsaw Fun in Year 1