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The Daily Five - Resilience Training

That Thing I Do - The Daily Five - Resilience Training for Kids


That Thing I Do is a resource to help teach and equip children (and grown ups too!) to have emotional and physical resilience as we face the daily challenges of modern life. In the videos and resources you will meet Sarah, a primary school teacher who leads you through: - how to become emotionally and physically more resilient, - how to be more aware of emotions and thoughts, and - how to use movement, stretches, breathing and mindfulness to help understand and manage emotions and wellbeing.

Introduction for Grown Ups to Resilience Training and The 'Daily Five'

Grown-ups....start here!

Introduction for Kids! What Is Resilience and The 'Daily Five'?

Kids...start here! This is your very own introduction video to resilience and how this can help you at home with your family.

I Am Strong, I Have Courage

Sarah takes us to the top of a mountain for today's Daily Five resilience training.

I Am Patient, I Am Kind

Sarah takes us on a trip to a forest for some Daily Five resilience training.

I Am Grateful

We are on a clifftop, by the seaside for our resilience training in today's video.

I Have Peace

Let's go to the beach! Sarah takes us to a sandy beach to lead us through the five steps for our resilience training

I Have Joy

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