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Topic - Vikings


In this topic we learn all about who the Vikings are, where they came from, how they travelled and how they lived. We love exploring and investigating how their lives were different to ours. We get an opportunity to visit North Down Museum to find out about the Vikings that lived in Bangor, and have the chance to sit inside a Viking Longhouse! 

We also learn about Viking gods and mythology through this topic, and read 'How to Train your Dragon' as a class novel. 

What do you know about VIKINGS?

Think you know a lot about Vikings? Take our TRUE or FALSE challenge!

Life in the Time of the Vikings

Who were the Vikings? Have a watch to find out!

An Incredible Viking Voyage-Made Entirely of Paper

Watch a young viking learn how to identify the proper tree to build a ship, nail the craft together, and set off on a journey around Europe.

Viking invaders and settlers

Archaeologist Neil Oliver visits Lindisfarne, Repton and York to trace the Viking invasion and settlement in Anglo Saxon England.

Viking home life

Neil Oliver visits York, Denmark and Jarlshof in Shetland to see some extraordinary artefacts and explore the history of Viking life at home.

Viking ships

This video looks at various Viking boats and ships, how the Vikings navigated their way across the open sea to Iceland and beyond, and how they navigated rivers through Russia to trade in the East.

Viking Gods and Mythology

Norse Mythology Gods & Goddesses. Who are the norse gods and goddesses? What are the powers of the norse deities have? Odin, Thor, Loki, Freyja and more.