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Each week we have been revising key concepts of number.

This week we are revising balancing equations and mathematical word problems which involve multiplication and division.



Multiplication and Division Word Problems


Along with number, we have looked at various other concepts such as Shape and Space, Time, Money and Measures.


This week we will finish by exploring word problem in Time and Money.

Time Word Problems

Time word problem (puzzle)

Money word problems

How to Solve Problems

Steps in Problem Solving.

Short Division with Remainders

If you want to challenge yourself, have a go at division with remainders!

Identifying Key Words in Fraction Word Problems

This week we are revising how to make change with money.

Maths - Calculating change KS2

Giving Change Powerpoint

This week we are revising the times tables (multiplication and division), the short division written method, how to find a fraction of a number and how to add fractions.

Inverse Operations

Revise your understanding of inverse operations! Remember - inverse means opposite.

Speed Guide to Short Division

Mr Smith Maths Bus Stop Division

Division Powerpoint Challenge

Calculating a fraction of an amount

Fractions of an amount powerpoint

Adding Fractions (common denominator)

Adding fractions powerpoint

This week we are revising analogue and digital time and how to convert between them.

Telling the Time - Digital Clock, Analogue Clock

This week we are revising subtraction and equivalent fractions.

Subtraction with borrowing

Addition and Subtraction Powerpoint

Equivalent Fractions

This week we are revising capacity.

Remember............1L = 1000ml

Let's recap how to measure in mls

Now let's work on converting between ml and L

Converting Litres to Millilitres

Converting Millilitres to Litres

How to Borrow in Subtraction!

Subtraction Poem

Multiplication With Regrouping

Comparing & Ordering Fractions for Beginners

Comparing Fractions with the Same Denominator

This week we are revising Time.

Elapsed Time

Addition Powerpoint

3 digit by 1 digit multiplication

How to multiply 3 digits by 1 digit

Multiplication Powerpoint

Let's Learn Fractions

Fractions of amounts

Adding Money Powerpoint

This week we are looking at addition, multiplication and fractions.


Revise addition with bridging (regrouping)


Using the Short (vertical) Multiplication written method to multiply TU by U.

This week we are revising Time.

Time - Clock Matching

Telling Time Song for Kids | Telling Time to 5 Minutes

Video: Telling Time To The Nearest 5 Minutes

This week we are revising place value and fractions.


Introducing Fractions

Halving small numbers

Finding a quarter

Measure - Using a Scale (Grams)

The Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman!

Carol Vorderman has made ‘The Maths Factor’ free to all whilst schools are closed - this might help with any maths you’re doing at home!