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I.C.T forms a vital part of every pupil's developing knowledge, learning and understanding and experience. Pupils need a broad range of experiences that reflect real world uses of technology. Therefore they need support to acquire and develop the skills necessary to become informed and responsible ICT users.  


With the aid of the PTA funding, we were able to purchase 21 Promethean Activ Panel Boards for every class in the school. The Activ Panel is the interactive display for immersive learning, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom.



Each class in the school has a set of iPads with apps connected to the teaching and learning taking place.



We have a purpose built ICT suite, which was funded by the PTA. Recently we were fortunate to have 30 new DELL desktop computers installed. Years 2-7 have the opportunity to develop their ICT skills through completion of UICT tasks, which focus on the 5 E's