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Year 7

A message from the Year 7 teachers

Reading at home

Algebra Art - We created some fun pictures and used algebra to calculate the number of corners.

Spring walk - as spring arrives in Narnia, Y7M looked for signs of spring in Castle Park

Year 7 trip to the Titanic museum

Year 7 pupils were creating wonderful pieces of artwork linked to the Titanic. They had to sketch the sinking vessel in whatever form they chose and decide how to develop their art using either watercolours, paint, coloured pencils or pens. Everyone created their own unique artwork that is displayed proudly in their room.

Titanic Art

Year 7 pupils have been studying the mathematical concept of floating and sinking. Using a wide range of resources the pupils worked in teams to create boats that would float using marbles as weights. This follows on from their topic on Titanic. 

Exploring floating and sinking

Victorians: developing our own photographs

Talia’s negative
Rinsing off the chemicals
Carter’s cyanotype

victorians: learning about the linen industry and trying some weaving.

Victorians: exploring the house of Robert Edward Ward and training to be a Gardner’s apprentice.

Y7 Manogue at today’s town hall
Lighting the smoke bomb to kill the insects!

Victorian’s: exploring the Victorian impact on Bangor

Year 7 Murray at 1st Bangor
An impromptu tour of the lifeboat station!

Victorians: Year 7 beginning their topic by looking at the similarities between Victorian Bangor and Bangor today.

Looking at Victorian Bangor on the map
Looking at Victorian Bangor on the map
Looking at Victorian Bangor on the map

Outdoor leaning: Y7 pupils carrying out a car park survey whilst learning about data handling

Henry Stevenson had a very original idea for his school council speech! Now representing the pupils in Y7 Galvin, well done Henry!

Buddies have begun working with Y1-3 pupils at lunchtime. Lots of fun being had by all!