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The highlight of this topic is our Young Enterprise Trading Game. The children are assigned a country, and are given resources and money based on the wealth of that country. They then need to trade with each other and make deals in order to run their country at a profit. This activity really helps the children understand the interdependence of different countries around the world.

The children are also taught how to be more financially responsible, which they will need to be as they make the move to secondary school. It is very interesting to see how they react in a number of different money related scenarios.

Young Enterprise Trade Fair

Above are two of the teams we sent to the Young Enterprise trade fair at Bloomfield Shopping Centre. Each Year 7 class had to design, produce and market their product, before some pupils were given the roles of selling the product at the trade fair. Of course, there is always some healthy competition between the classes as to who can make the most money. However, all the profits are pooled together and spent on the Year 7 fun day at the end of term.