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Staying Safe Online

We are lucky that we live in a time when most of us have access to the internet and can stay connected with our families, friends and communities virtually. Having access to online communication platforms brings with it some important considerations and responsibilities.


Safer Schools App

The Department of Education Northern Ireland (DENI), has partnered with INEQE Safeguarding Group to provide the award-winning Safer Schools App to support all school staff, parents and carers to keep children in their care safer online.


Parents and carers have access to information on the popular social media platforms used by their children and their friends. They are also provided with an insight on critical issues and are given easy to follow advice on how they can make their homes and the devices they give their children safer.


Watch this video to find out more, then follow the guide below to download and sign in to the app.


How to Access the App

Download the app for free. Search for ‘Safer Schools’ in the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store.
(You can download it on more than one device!)


Open the app and sign in with these details:


You can find out more here:

National Online Safety

National Online Safety produce easy to understand guides about all platforms. So if you want to know how to use Zoom, House Party, Google Hangouts, online gaming and social media (just for starters!) as safely as possible, sign up (for free) to their website and download the guides. We've put a few of the guides in the slideshow at the bottom of this page. 


Sign up here:

National Online Safety Guides