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Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Art Competition

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Art Competition

As part of our World Book Day celebrations and also to stir up some excitement about our upcoming school production of ' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' we are holding an art competition throughout the school. We  want you to design and create your own exciting chocolates, sweets and lollies that would be the envy of Mr Willy Wonka's Inventing Room!


We have collated a few ideas for you here to help get your ideas bubbling! We would love to see some giant 3D craft confections, that could also double up as colourful props for our show!


Or you may choose to use one of our templates to design your own sweet treat!


Whatever you choose to so,  have fun with it. This is a great chance to be as creative as you can! The brighter and more colourful your design the more eye catching it will be! A perfect fit for Mr Wonka's amazing chocolate factory!


We cannot wait to see all of your wonderful creations. Happy making!


* if you need help with a template please say to your teacher

Sweet Crafting Ideas!