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Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 page!


We have three classes in Year 5.

  • Mrs. Thomas teaches in Room 1 (in the main building).
  • Mrs. Millar teaches in Mobile 4 (in the playground).
  • Miss Mitchell/Mrs. Wright teaches in Mobile 1 (in the playground).


On our class page you will find more information about what we learn in Year 5. We will update the page throughout the term to keep you informed about what we are learning in school.

P5 Mrs. Thomas

P5 Mrs Millar

P5 Miss Mitchell / Mrs. Wright

We visited the Ulster Museum to learn about the ancient Egyptians.

As part of the NI Science Festival W5 visited Year 5

We learnt about space travel, the new Irish satellite recently launched into space and we had great fun coding!


We have thoroughly enjoyed developing our gymnastic skills this term.
We love using the equipment to showcase our skills!


We enjoyed learning about the importance of having a balanced diet and the need to exercise for 1 hour a day. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt will give us enough calcium to help our bones stay strong.

NIFRS visit

Our local firefighters visited Y5 giving a safety talk, reminding the children how to protect themselves and their homes from the dangers of fire.

They also had an amazing time squirting the fire engine's hose!