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Come explore...Africa with Lonely Planet Kids

Note down all the your facts on your own African Fact Sheet

Geography Of Africa

Where is Africa? How big is Africa? What is Africa like? All your questions answered!

Introducing Africa

Some of Africas top attractions!

Introducing Kenya

One of Africa's countries full of wildlife and African culture!


Learn a bit about Morocco's culture, history, food, and sites!

African Safari Wildlife

African Safari Wildlife. This is a short documentary to get to know the African animals during a safari visit to Africa.

Kilimanjaro | Summit of Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.

Africa: 12 Fun Facts about African Continent and Countries

African continent is an incredible place on the planet.

Traditional African Music

Have a listen to some tradition African Music and think about how it is similar and different to the music you listen to today.