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Senet Board

King Tut loved games so much that he was buried with a variety of his favourite ones! Among these was the game of Senet, a popular board game at the time. You can download, print and make your own version by clicking on the link below. 

Mummy Madness

#EGYPTOMANIACS Salt Dough Scarab Beetles

Nefertiti Collage

Nefertiti Collage 1
Nefertiti Collage 2

Hieroglyphics Name Cartouche

Use hieroglyphics to write your name!

Egyptian Collar

Use a paper plate or a piece of card to create your own Egyptian collar

Egyptian Cuff

Make some use of all those toilet roll tubes and make your own Egyptian bracelet.

River Nile Art Challenge

River Nile Art Challenge 1
River Nile Art Challenge 2

Scarab Beetle Art Challenge

Scarab Beetle Art Challenge 1
Scarab Beetle Art Challenge 2

Why not try some of these Art activities at home?

There are lots of different animals you can draw with your hands!