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PE with Mr Waldron

PE with Joe Mr Waldron


Mr Waldron has put together some short skills videos to help you keep on top of your PE at home. Enjoy!

Week 1

Basketball Passing 1

Basketball Dribbling

Cricket Defending

Taking a penalty

Athletics Starting a Race

Week 2

Football Crossbar Challenge

Underarm Throw

Tennis: Hitting Skills

Volleyball Spike

Bangor central

Cricket Drive: Attacking shot

Week 3

Cricket - Long Barrier

Badminton: Backhand serve

Football 2 touch and 1 touch passing

Cricket - Close Catching

Cricket - Overarm Bowling

Bangor central

Week 4

Football - Wall Pass challenge

Cricket - Underarm pickup and throw

Cricket - High Catching

Football - Volleys

Cricket - Overarm Throw

Week 5

Virtual Sports Day Skill 2: Standing Long Jump

Athletics - Jump for Distance

Side step

Cricket - Switch Hit

Balance on one leg

Two handed strike

Week 6

Exercises: Part 1

Football: Flick ups

Football: Flick up and Shoot

Athletics - jump for height

French cricket

Virtual sports day Skill 3: High Jump

Week 7

Virtual Sports day Skill 4: Egg and Spoon Race

Tennis: Groundstrokes: Wall

Exercises: Part 2

Cricket: Wall Practice

Tennis: Half Volleys and Volleys

Cricket: Sweep shot