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Special Educational Needs

At Bangor Central IPS we work carefully as a team and closely with parents to ensure that we meet the ever changing needs of the children at our school.

We promote high quality teaching that is tailored to respond to different abilities, aptitudes, interests and the diverse needs of pupils.

We aim to provide the teaching and attention required to help pupils overcome any challenges they may face and to reach their full potential.

We follow the guidance from DE regarding the Code of Practice:

Special Educational Needs are now categorised by 5 broad areas of need:

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, Behavioural, Emotional and Wellbeing
  • Speech Language and Communication
  • Sensory
  • Physical Needs


Useful information regarding special educational needs can be found on the EA website:

At Bangor Central Integrated Primary School, we collaborate with other professionals to ensure that we provide a holistic approach to supporting our pupils, these include:

  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Behaviour Support Teams
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Advisors for the hearing/visually impaired
  • Educational Psychology