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Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU) helps children to learn about themselves and others. We believe that PDMU is at the core of the curriculum and that all curricular areas and classroom ethos evolve from this area. PDMU concentrates on developing each child from Year 1 to Year 7, giving them knowledge, developing their attitudes, fostering good relationships, and learning about appropriate behaviours in and out of school. In addition, PDMU focuses on broadening thinking skills and personal capabilities, making our pupils more emotionally aware, engraining values and promoting life skills to take them into their future as adults.

'PDMU focuses on encouraging each child to become personally, emotionally and socially effective, to lead healthy, safe and fulfilled lives and to become confident, independent and responsible citizens, making informed and responsible choices and decisions throughout their lives.' (NI Curriculum)


We encourage our children to explore and understand their feelings and emotions, to respect others, mange conflict effectively, make healthy choices and contribute positively to their class, school, family and wider communities.


At Bangor Central Integrated Primary self-confidence, self-esteem and independence are promoted through our positive school ethos and further developed through a range of active learning activities such as discussion, debate, role-play and Circle Time in PDMU lessons.


The PDMU programme includes Relationships and Sexuality Education, Drugs Awareness, Anti-bullying and Internet Safety. Our school follows the Living, Learning, Together programme which seeks to meet children’s personal, emotional, social and health needs.

Our School Values

Values are the things we believe in such as kindness, respect and honesty that help us to make decisions about how to behave. They can be used as a set of tools that we carry with us all our lives that guide our actions in school, at home and in our community.


Our school values our woven into teaching and learning to develop the social and emotional skills of the pupils and to positively affect their behaviour and overall happiness. Children learn about and discuss our values during circle times, through stories and in assembly. We use puppets to help to engage our pupils and reinforce each value and character trait.