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Year 4

P4B Visit to War Memorial

P4W Visit to the War Memorial

World War Two

In this topic we will focus on what it was like to be a child during the war years. The children will find out how people and places have changed over time. They will use a variety of sources of information, including memories of older people. Questions we will ask include;

How did children feel?

What did they do?

How have things changed?

WW2 Activities

  • Listen to WW2 radio announcements and watch real video footage from WW2
  • Make a Mickey Mouse gas mask
  • Design and make WW2 planes from junk materials
  • Workshop visit from the NI War Memorial Museum in Belfast
  • Investigate materials suitable for blackout blinds
  • Dressing up as a WW2 evacuee, nurse, soldier etc. 

Parents as Partners

We would ask parents/guardians to discuss family links with WW2 with their children. Visit the war memorial in Ward Park and research information about the war on the internet and in books.

If you know someone who could come into school to share their memories,please let us know.

Bird Topic

Bird Topic  1


In this topic, Year 4 will be finding out about birds and their natural habitats. 

Some of the questions we will be looking at are:

How do birds move?

Where do birds live?

How do we look after birds? 



As part of this topic, the children will observe and feed the birds in and around the school grounds. The children will design and create their own species of bird. 

Making yummy scrambled eggs before procedural writing!