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Sorting activities promote children's skills in observation, reasoning and language.

Sorting is the notion of creating a 'set' which is a well defined collection of objects that belong together because they have a common property.

The crucial idea at the heart of sorting activities is, the idea of 'the same' and 'different'.

In the foundation stage, we have many random collections of objects that the children enjoying sorting. The common properties for sorting are sorting for colour, sorting for size and sorting for shape.

How we can sort a collection of objects in our classrooms

At home, you could encourage your child to help you to sort items around the house. For example, sorting the laundry is a fun activity especially using socks. The language associated with sorting socks would be “same, different, colour, size, pair, match, set.” Even setting the table for dinner, children could sort the cutlery into sets and place them on the table for each person.