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In Year 5 we continue the process started in Year 4 of learning all the multiplication tables.

We use practical materials and various resources to learn the multiples and also reinforce the relationship between multiplication and division.


Mental Maths


We focus on various strategies to help the children perform mental maths tasks effectively.


These include

  • counting on/counting back
  • re-ordering
  • partitioning
  • using factors
  • inverse operations
  • rounding and adjusting
  • using equivalence






We continue to develop our number skills within these curriculum areas-


  • place value

  • rounding numbers

  • addition and subtraction

  • multiplication and division

  • fractions





Topic maths


These areas of mathematics are covered throughout the year -


  • data handling
  • shape and space
  • measures - time, weight, length, capacity, angles


We have been investigating 2d and 3d shapes