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Over The Deep Blue Sea

Can you make up your own actions to go along with the words in this song?

Me Hearty High

This is one of the songs we love to sing as part of our pirate assembly! It's all about what the pirates learn at school. If you went to pirate school what would you like to learn?

Swashbuckle | Talk Like A Pirate song

Can you join in with the words and actions in this song? You'll be talking like a pirate in no time!

Lazy Town | You Are A Pirate Music Video

This song has a really strong beat - can you clap/march along with it?

A Tiny Seed was Sleeping

This song is about what happens when a seed is planted and gets everything it needs to grow. Can you think of some actions to add to the song?

Farmer Plants the Seeds

Can you make up your own actions for each verse of the song?

And he went Higher - Primary Music - Jack and the Beanstalk

Can you listen carefully to the song and spot the high notes and the low notes? Can you have a go at making high and low sounds with your voice? Explore sounds around your house - do they make a high sound or a low sound?